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Mesnine Ilc

Power of bora and the love for work

Story of Mesnine Ilc
In a seaside village below the medieval town of Vipavski Križ, there is a family meat processing plant Mesnine Ilc. The family tradition of farming is passed down from generation to generation, and today Erik and his family are responsible for the top quality of local meats. His wife and children help him with his daily tasks, who like to get to work after finishing their homework.

Since its beginnings in 2020, Mesnine Ilc is not only famous for the quality of its meat, but also for its dedication to work and loyal customers. Ilc meat and other products are produced from Slovenian pigs, which are reared at home and fed only the best food. This ensures the highest quality meat.
With a range of home-made meats - home-made dry salami, pancetta, dry sausages, roasts, sausages, fresh pork meat, crackers, home-made pork spit and lard - and an emphasis on the quality that can only be provided by home-bred animals, they are one of the most sought-after suppliers . From time to time, they add fresh products to the offer, such as homemade roasts, skins, fresh meat.

The Vipava valley, where chef Erik carefully dries his "products", adds a special Mediterranean touch to the meats, which are produced without preservatives, and the favorable coastal air allows the meat to be dried without smoking.

They are pleased to note that the trend for locally grown food is on the rise and that more and more retailers are recognizing the importance of a network of local suppliers. Their products are also supplied to restaurants and retailers throughout Slovenia and even in Prague.